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Vintage Fortuny Fabrics

This section is dedicated to vintage Fortuny fabrics from various sources.  A mix of vintage
cotton as well as Fortuny's beautiful Silk Velvets.  Both are difficult to obtain, the velvet more
so in my experience, as they were used primarily for clothing which deteriorated more rapidly due
to wear & tear.  Fortuny's clothing  is not covered on this site at this time.  


This wall hanging made from Vintage 1920's Dandolo design, a Rococo style pattern of central bouquets of flowers, framed by garlands.  Piece measures 82" wide by 65" long. Surrounded by 2" border that is one continuous piece. Field is three panels joined and expertly matched. Finished piece is lined and interlined with rod pocket and weighted bottom hem. This piece sold before I could hang it in the showroom, where it now resides waiting for it's new home to be finished January 2007.   

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Vintage 1920's to 1930's Fortuny Wall Hanging.  Has the look of his Carnavalet design with Crowns, I have not been able to identify the name of this pattern as yet but the border is the same as that on Carnavalet today.

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Gorgeous early 20th century Fortuny. Pattern name unknown. Bears  stamps: Soc. An. Fortuny & Depose an Italy on both selvages.
Foundation colors in pale gray with lavender tones, Iridescent golden overlay.

See page 148 of Mariano Fortuny by Marsilio, pattern dated 1907 - 1910.

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One of Fortuny's favorite designs was the open pomegrante, derived from the Chinese lotus flower. On the right is one version of his pomegranate design inspired by Italian fifteenth century motif.
Bittersweet ground with silver metallic overlay. Source:

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Miscellaneous Vintage Fortuny Designs

Collection of Vintage Designs rare colors and patterns.

Left 1920's Olympia design Coblat blue ground with iridescent yellow gold overlay.

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Fortuny Silk Velvets

Collection of Fortuny Silk Velvets

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Fortuny's Borders, Stamps & Signatures

Collection of border designs, stamps and signatures found on Fortuny's texiles over the years.

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