Coat of Arms


Spanish Coat of Arms Castile & Leon

This coat of arms is still under research, Estimated to 16th Century commemorating the marriage of Isabella & Ferdinand of Spain in 1469. Huge 50" long by 36" wide. Worked in numerous couching techniques in gold and silver metal threads and bullion. Intricate silk embroidery surrounds the shield. The shield is quartered with charges of Castile's triple tower castle and Rampant Lion of Leon. Crested with an ornate Baronial Crown with silk jewels.

The coat of arms is shown as found, slated to be re applied to a new silk velvet ground in the near
future. The silk velvet ground has been painted some where in time an as such is unsuitable.
Progress will be posted.                                                                              SOLD


17th century Coat of Arms
Still being researched. Crest is worked in gold metallic threads, bullion and
spangles. Encrusted with pink stones. Shield with white silk and red velvet
grounds. Charges to be determined. Embroidered to Blue velvet ground.
White silk has shattered to reveal French printed paper used as padding.

Size 30" diameter

Inventory # C1001-06                                                                  $2750.00


18th century Coat of Arms
Probably Spanish or Italian with shield bearing charges of a
column and Rampant Lion. Embroidered in gold metallic
threads on velvet grounds of Burgundy and Ochre.

Size 15" tall by 9" wide

Inventory # C1002-06                                                  $1450.00 SOLD
18th Century
Italian Coat of Arms of the Antinori Family
Rampant Lion Shield with diagonal bar with star and triple
mound or rocks embroidered on dark burgundy silk velvet

Size 7" tall by 4 1/2" wide

Inventory # C 1003-06                                                   $1150.00 SOLD
Two similar 18th Century Italian Coat of Arms
Possibly Pope Urbanus VIII.

Shield with three bees facing up embroidered in gold metallic
threads on dark red silk velvet ground.

Large: 10" tall by 7" wide
Small: 5" tall by 3" wide
Inventory # C1004-06                                       $ Set 1250.00 SOLD
18th Century Italian Coat of Arms
Possibly Barberini Family. Shield of triple towers above and triple mound or stones below. Embroidery in gold metallic threads on red silk velvet
above and blue below.

Size 10" tall by 6 1/2" wide

Inventory # C1006-06                                                 $750.00   SOLD
18th century Italian Coat of Arms
A second version of Barberini Family crest. Shield of triple towers above on red velvet, triple mound or stones on cream silk. Surround is more detailed the piece above with ornate filigree embroidery. In antique Italian
frame black with gold gilt.

Size including frame: 13" tall by 7 1/2" wide

Inventory # C1007-06                                              $1750.00
18th century Italian Coat of Arms
Quartered shield, upper left section is quartered as well and depicts Fleur d lys, black eagle, a griffin & a tree. Upper right depicts 8 bowls surrounding a red bar. Lower left a book with latticed back ground. Lower right had diagonal bars with an interesting castle that resembles a hand.
Embroidered in various metal and silk threads.

Size: 11 1/2" tall by 8" wide

Inventory # C1008-06                                              $850.00   SOLD