1940's vintage Fortuny. 15th Century climbing Pomegranate design. The ground color is a mix of bittersweet or pomegrante color with a silver meallic overlay.

Source: Oreillers.com


1920's Fortuny Pomegranate design. The pomegranates alternate, pointing right then left. This piece bears the Soc. An. Fortuny stamp with border sewn to the bottom hem.

Left Pillows made from the textile.

Source: Oreillers.com

Pillow design: Holly McKinley Interior Design Seattle


Fortuny Nicolo

This pomegranate design has been reintroduced by Fortuny Inc. in this color way only.

Pillow designs: Olde World Pillows

This pattern drapes the walls of the Palazzo Orfei, now the Palazzo Fortuny. See Fortuny his life and work by Guillermo De Osama, page 128.


Vintage 1920's Fortuny
Italian fifteenth century pattern of climbing Pomegranates.
Olive with Brick red overlay.
Photo courtesy of: Oreillers.com
See Oreillers.com Fortuny page.


Vintage 1920's Fortuny, 15th century Pomegranate design. Blue ground with gold metallic overlay. Photo in natural sunlight. Same piece photographed with flash.

Pillow from the vintage Fortuny textile. Pillow design: Olde World Pillows

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Another 1920's vintage Fortuny pomegranate design inspired by
Italian 15th century fabric.
Forrest green ground with silver
metallic overlay. Photo courtesy of:
Oreillers.com 2006


1920's to 1930's Fortuny, 15th century Pomegrante design. Apricot silk velvet with silver metallic overlay.
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