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Long ago my Great Grandmother created hand made holiday stockings for the entire family. Her Children & their spouses, grand children and great grand children. She also taught many of us to knit, crochet, sew, embroidery, and quilting, including  me at a young age. I have never forgotten those stockings made from her fabric scraps, buttons, trims and embellishments gathered during her life, each embroidered with our names.
Here I offer you my rendition of exquisite surprises, Christmas Stockings made from antique textiles, trims, beads and other embellishments.  Inspired by Great Grandma.
All stockings are cotton lined and flannel inter lined to provide for years of use and ease of stocking stuffing.

Stockings are available individually.


Exquisite Surprises Christmas Stockings


Pegasus Stockings in Ocean blue and bronze silk velvet. Embellished with various 19th century gold metallic trims. Back fo pale gold silk with blue undertone.

One pair available, medium size 23" long.

$549.00                                                           Inventory # 139407

Gold Silk foundation with 19th century antique silk velvet cuff, embroidered with gold metallic cording and gold metal studs.  Antique metallic fringe topped by tiny wooden balls wrapped with gold metallic thread. Fortuny Granada pattern fabric and border adorns the toes edged with gold metallic trim. Back is matching gold silk.

One pair available, medium size 24" long.

$479.00                                                              Inventory #139307

Silver Donghia silk foundation with Bordeaux wine colored silk velvet cuff and panel. Trimmed with 18th century metallic trims, early 19th c tassel trim wine with gold and silver metallic threads. Vintage 1920's Fortuny border and gold metallic lace.  Vintages beaded" fancy" with iridescent square beads and tiny gold metallic wrapped wood beads. Gold metallic stenciled silk velvet toe.  Back is matching silver silk.

One pair available, medium size 23" long

$679.00 per pair                SOLD                               Inventory # 13807

Blue and Bronze silk velvet face worked in lightning bolt pattern. Embellished with 19th century gold metallic trims. Back is gold silk.

One pair available, medium size 24" long

$549 per pair

inventory # 139107


Red silk foundation with 19th century Red silk velvet appliqué adorned with vining Passion flowers worked in silver metallic bullion and sequins. Antique silver metallic lace and trims finish the embroidery. Faux leopard fur cuff, from Pierre Frey.  Matching red silk back.

Four pair available, medium size 23" long

$659.00 per pair

inventory #   13107, 13207, 13307, 13407

Emerald Green Silk velvet foundation with padded inset of 19th century silver metallic bullion embroidery of wheat stalks. Border of fine silver metallic eyelash fringe. Toe has accent of gold stenciled silk velvet trimmed with antique gold metallic galon.  Donghia silk back.

One pair available, medium size 23" long.

$629 per pair

inventory # 13607

Silver Ribbed silk foundation with red velvet appliqué. Embroidered with silver metallic bullion and sequins.  Passion flowers and stars with red glass jewel. Toes modern stenciled silk velvet. Antique silver metallic trim borders. Red silk velvet cuff. Matching silver silk back.

One pair available, medium size 22" long

$629.00 per pair

inventory # 13507