Miscellaneous Vintage Fortuny Patterns


1920's vintage Fortuny Olympia pattern.

17th century Italian style design.Coblat blue ground with iridescent yellow gold overlay. Narrow 25" wide ground of tighlty woven cotton also known as mako. Unsigned.


1920's vintage Fortuny Olympia pattern remnant.

Blue with parchment overlay.


1930's vintage Fortuny Lucrezia pattern.

Cobalt blue ground with parchment overlay. Narrow 24 1/2" wide ground. Soc. An. Fortuny stamp (in red ink) on selvage.


1920's vintage Fortuny unknown name.

16th century Italian vase motif with flowing vines and hanging bell flowers.  Cotton serge (loosely woven twill) in blue with antique white
overlay. Fortuny by Anne Marie Descholdt shows this pattern on page 160.


1920's vintage Fortuny Corone pattern.

17th C. Italian Design - Crown motif. Cobalt blue ground with rust red accents antique white overlay.

Pillow page two has the pillow created from this piece.


1920's Vintage Fortuny Corone Pattern. Old Rose with warm French brown.
Photo courtesy of: Oreillers.com
See Oreillers Fortuny page.


1920's vintage Fortuny pattern name unkown. Pattern can be found in the book Mariano Fortuny by Marsilio 1999. See the Fortuny Library for more information.

Italian fifteenth century
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